Questions Discouraged to Ask BUT Question and Truth will reveal herself effortlessly

Questions Discouraged to Ask BUT Question and Truth will reveal herself effortlessly

What has never occurred to me regarding granddad telling me to stop showing off over 43 years ago was this being my first remembrance of experiencing a double bind dilemma. Kind of young to have begun such psychological suffrage. Seems I got an early start on most things that were typically a dreadful consternation for supposedly mature adults. Especially those nearing death bed confessionals. The good old bad double bind. And I should add — the blind spot some unknown percentage of America’s population has pensively, offensively and fearfully used to defend senselessly absurd belief systems that forestall the very applicably possible and presumably observable essentials — such as mercy, forgiveness, love of enemies, doing good to those who hate you, understanding, patience, turning the other cheek, nonviolence, nonresistance, compassion, giving to whoever asks without questioning the asker, and unconditional love — in favour of betraying the very Perfect Love that remarkably remains incapable of penetrating such parochial rigid beliefs. And the question I know most all of the religious were actually discouraged to ask involved why we think we know what we say we we know and therefore believe what we say we believe if the unquestioned aim for belonging to the group is simply to save one’s ephemeral life’s consciousness from swiftly arriving at annihilation? Little wonder why pining over past pictures is cheap belief’s only nostalgic hope. Maybe when we don’t give a tinker’s damn about whether we are hell bound or heaven worthy will we find liberation from the fear of saving our lives and in so doing, find immediately the here and now — the eternal now.   We will find real life by letting go before we must let go.  This is Jesus’s meaning when he says, “A time is coming and NOW IS; those who relate silently with truth have already passed from death to life.”

There’s on,y so much driving and performing with one’s brakes on that can occur before this separatists religion begins to repulse anyone who is sick of the “little me” making the evacuation plan to heaven. I wouldn’t want to be part of the number of these saints who selfishly go marching in. That would be hell.

I suspect we get “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” from this peculiar need to hold two opposing polarizing points together and even make sense out of the heads or the tails being, in reality “Both And” inseparable parts of the same penny. In fact, there are no parts of a penny. A penny is what a penny is. That idiom just triggered a reoccurring epiphany I had and I sense strongly that it’s true. This being Jesus’s question to His disciples, “If love only those who love you and you only lend to those whom you are quite certain will repay you, how are you all any different than those labeled sinners?” The answer is as obvious now as it surely was then. There is absolutely no difference between the two peoples as both are One people and differentiations by way of wordplay that’s merely hubristic wishful thinking. It’s merely a simpleton’s craving for inner circle exclusion and a dreadfully babyish desire to superficially feel, think and actually believe Perfectly infinite Love might ever divide its universal creation as salvageable yes-men or throw away vermin based on easily parroted beliefs that are worthlessly empty professions that ask nothing of anyone whose only reason to mouth this belief jargon is wholly based on self-interested self-preservation. Thusly requiring no Metanoia or renewing of one’s mental societal and religious programming. Absent renewing the mind by weeding the mental soil from loveless historic labelling and categorical religiously dull roots, any dismissal of anyone who looks, talks, believes, or has other cultural experiences differing naturally from our learned bigoted parochial myopia — quite frankly will create tribalism. Who in His or Her eternally loving Creator’s name would die knowing his or her death would necessarily act only to create more divisional schisms and increase the world’s violence just to placate the fearful few as signed, sealed and already heaven-bound selfish sluggards? We’re at 44,000 denominational abominations as of today’s post.  Love would especially when we most resist it.  I don’t like it but it is what it is.

Interesting to consider the contextual comments that led to granddad’s compulsion towards tying me into my first encounter with the tearing that’s typically referenced between two dualistic lovers. Either Or trap. All OR nothing. “Who’s in as in opposition to who’s out?” This is grade school all over again. The specifically Westernized tortuous teaching that’s so simple to notice that, if not for the far reaching tentacles endemic of this teaching, Rodney King’s imploringly crucial question, “Can’t we all just get along?” would have been peacefully answered as a nonissue 2000 years ago. Seriously.

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Like to a Love

There’s a story of a teenage girl who wanted to know the difference between loving a boy and liking a boy. She met an old woman while she walked through her favourite park and they’d see each other almost daily. One day the old woman finally stopped her and asked what it was that was so troubling her.

“Dear? What’s bothering you so much? I see you everyday and just thought I’d ask and I do hope you don’t mind,” asked the old woman.

“Oh no! I’ve seen you too and I don’t mind at all! I want to know if what I feel is love towards a boy or if it’s just me liking the whole idea of having a boyfriend of my own. Does that make sense?” the soft spoken girl inquired.

“Oh my yes! I was your age too, you know?” replied the old woman with a smile on her face. “Well yes! I know you were my age once but I wonder if things have changed since you were my age,” the girl asked with embarrassing inflection.

“One thing that will never change, sweetheart, is that you and I have never not been right here and right now. The time is always now but a whole lot of people never seem to know it. They’re here and now like you and I are, but their minds are way off in the past or in the future. Does that make sense, Dear?” the old woman finished.

“Yes, it does ma’am! Very much so but if I’m honest, I’m rarely in this here and now as you just mentioned,” the pretty doe eyed girl flatly responded.

The old woman laughed heartily, smiled and took the girl by her hand and led her to a quiet spot right in front of two fully blooming flowers.

“Aren’t they just beautiful dear?” the old woman asked with the widest smile the girl had ever seen.

“Why yes! They’re gorgeous. I’ve walked past this place everyday since school let out and never noticed them!” the girl exclaimed.

The old woman gripped her hand and replied, “Oh goodness, dear child! Don’t beat yourself up over that because we all must do the same before it catches our attention!”

The girl appeared puzzled for a moment before asking, “Before it catches our attention? What is the it you are talking about?” the mesmerised girl asked curiously.

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Center For Action AND Contemplation —

Center For Action AND Contemplation —

Pope is dosing baby!  Pope is flat out up there!

Transformation usually includes a disconcerting reorientation. Change can either help people to find a new meaning, or it can cause people to close down and turn bitter. The difference is determined by the quality of your inner life, what we call your “spirituality.” Change of itself just happens; but spiritual transformation must become an actual process of letting go, living in the confusing dark space for a while, and allowing yourself to be spit up on a new and unexpected shore. You can see why Jonah in the belly of the whale is such an important symbol for many Jews, Christians or people who are similarly labelled — who understand that labels too tightly pigeon hole them and those they label. There is no spiritual compartment or secular compartment. There is no compartment whatsoever. Labelling becomes all about moralistic behaviour modification and it does not work very long. You know this as self-evident. Change of mind by way of dropping fears, attachments and illusions (reducing or becoming as a child) involves humility because ‘humus’ or (earth) means, “Humility is Truth.” Needing to be noticed and doted on falls away and the perception of reality as it is, as acceptable as it is, is to be free from the weeds that created the white noise.  

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True transformation is the process of letting go. The word “change” normally refers to new beginnings. But transformation, the mystery we’re examining, more often happens not when something new begins but when something old falls apart. The pain of something old falling apart—chaos—invites the soul to listen at a deeper level. It invites and sometimes forces the soul to go to a new place because the old place is falling apart. Otherwise, most of us would never go to new places. The mystics use many words to describe this chaos: fire, darkness, death, emptiness, abandonment, trial, the Evil One.  Whatever it is, it does not feel good and it does not feel like God.  You will do anything to keep the old thing from falling apart.  This is when you need patience, guidance, and the freedom to let go instead of tightening your controls and certitudes.  Perhaps Jesus is describing this phenomenon when he says, “It is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it” (Matthew 7:14). Not accidentally, he mentions this narrow road right after teaching the Golden Rule. Jesus knows how much letting go it takes to “treat others as you would like them to treat you” (7:12).  Transformation usually includes a disconcerting reorientation.  Change can either help people to find a new meaning, or it can cause people to close down and turn bitter.  The difference is determined by the quality of your inner life, what we call your “spirituality.”

And in case you’re wondering if what is being offered as a way to live peaceably now and with a sound mind consistently due to the ‘spiritual’ or ‘Christian’ emphasis herein, everything is Reality.   Distinctions between the profane and the pious don’t exist.  As your mind quiets, millions are confident that you won’t toss a fit over wordplay.  “I feel calm.”  And, “Christ is the real deal.”   Bear in mind, it is not in your mind.  A heart bent towards heaven has a mind of its own.  I say this not from never being a skeptic, but because many years of clinical therapy and coping mechanisms for this overthinking dude did not work.  When you’re in your head, you’re not a peace.  And when you’re at peace, you’re not in your head.  Mark that down.  

“But I didn’t ask to be born.”  Correct.  In fact, you’ve even underestimated your case.  You, the true self, pure awareness, “I knew you before you were knitted in your mother’s womb,” — SOUL — was never born and can never die.  The only thing that has ever separated you from God, Perfect Love, Christ, Reality, Holy Spirit, Gentle Friend, Spirit of Truth or whatever label you want to use — has been only the thought that She doesn’t love you or couldn’t love you.  Once you allow the sediments to settle to the bottom of the jar, the water becomes clear, perception is present.  “Be still and know that I am Presence.”  Also, “Because I Am, you are.”  Again, it is only the thought that acts as the obstruction and it is illusionary.  Drop that absurd idea that God could or would ever hate you — and let’s face it — you know people who you believe to be more loving, compassionate, forgiving, understanding, patient, and on your side than, very likely, the notion of the God you were sorrowfully given by fearful theologians.  Jesus did not die so that God would change His mind about humanity (there’s nothing to change!), Jesus died so that humanity would change their mind about God.  She or He is NOT a tyrant and it is a theological impossibility that you or I could be more caring, loving, patient and loving than God.  

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I am not serious dude. Walked the earth like a rock with eyelids long enough. Well, I’ve got to be when…. No, I am not serious unless something grave has occurred. LIGHTEN UP. REALITY AND ETERNAL SPIRIT IS ON YOUR SIDE! Who’d have thunk it? Stop reading about it and experience Her! Christ is cosmic, not bucolic. We really messed that up so press on and SEE the biggest picture. Oh. There’s about 20 trillion stars for everyone walking the earth at this second. You never had a realization for some slapdash reason. Look and see. SEE!


Nothing Left to Label (Gift of Letting Go)

The Universal Christ is no threat to anything but separateness, illusion, domination, and the imperial ego. In that sense, Jesus, the Christ, is the ultimate threat, but first of all to Christians. -Richard Rohr

I Am He who is, you are he who is not. Have you ever experienced your ‘is-notness?’ In the East, the view of God is Him as the Dancer and His creation as the dance. It isn’t as if God is the Big Dancer and you are the little dancers. Oh no! In the West, we’ve got it all wrong. We aren’t dancers at all. We are being danced. It is realizing that you are something other that who you thought you were. You thought you were center but now you experience yourself as satellite. You thought you were the dancer and now you experience yourself as danced.  -Anthony de Mello

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Renewing and Redeeming Narrow and Broad; Who’s Out and Who’s In?

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