Writing by Elton John

Please enjoy this day.  It is what it is.  Just BE.

BE present. Not sure what meditation and yoga and orthodoxy has to do with progress but orthodoxy (talking about peace, God, truth, love) has never availed jack, personally speaking.  Orthopraxy, practicing or living life awake, is cool.  Hope this helps.  

You have NEVER not been in the NOW.  

Don’t overthink that shit, but let it sink in.  Please let that sink in.  Is it possible to have a problem NOW?  My guess is that your mind blacked out for a hot second when you considered that question.  What’s wrong with the Now?  

Got to think or rather imagine something don’t you?  

Kinda scary once you start intentionally BEING present here AND now because the house of cards we thought was real comes crumbling down.  Let that sucker crumble!  

Here and NOW is awesome.  Oh, and those jumping bean repetitively useless thoughts your having?  Be aware of them, drop them, be aware of the next one, drop it, so on.  Don’t overthink it or talk about it.  Here comes another one about whether this will work or not.  Drop it.  

I have a fish in my fish tank full of water that’s thirsty.  Hold on, it woke up to realty again.  It’s o longer under that illusion and now you’re not either.  

And, drop it.  

Die to the cares of dying.  Die to dying and a miracle is underway.  The sooner you die to what isn’t as you once thought, realisation becomes the perception and you are no longer separate. 

If you’re here and if you’re here because you are desperate for change, you are hoping doubtfully that something will work for you — just maybe.  You ‘think’, (and that’s the first problem and I don’t mean to insult anything about you but your prickly ego), that everyone else is happy but it’s just not in the cards for you to change.  

Good news AND new News.  You don’t need to change.  You need to drop old thought patterns.  You are a person, not a problem.  You are essence, not a mere pattern.  Read that slowly because someone just got it.  How do I know?  Because the truth is the truth and it is always recognised, never something anyone needs to tell you.  Want proof?

If I tell you that worry is insanity caused by overthinking on one or both wrong sides of this Present, you will agree with your head and heart but still might question its veracity.  Why would you question it?  Well, how long has it been since you last experienced it?  If you’re, let’s say, 60 years old, the last time you’ve experienced good stretch of present moment mirth may well have been 44 years ago or more.  Numbers don’t matter.  Read that again: Numbers don’t matter.  Numbers don’t matter.  Numbers don’t matter.  What does matter is what has never mattered in the least. 

You know with your head and heart that right now is all you have.  You resist it because your head has short-circuited your heart’s experience of joy in present moment wonderment.  

“I know that.  I knew that before you said it!”

Of course you did.