The Universal Christ is no threat to anything but separateness, illusion, domination, and the imperial ego. In that sense, Jesus, the Christ, is the ultimate threat, but first of all to Christians. -Richard Rohr

I Am He who is, you are he who is not. Have you ever experienced your ‘is-notness?’ In the East, the view of God is Him as the Dancer and His creation as the dance. It isn’t as if God is the Big Dancer and you are the little dancers. Oh no! In the West, we’ve got it all wrong. We aren’t dancers at all. We are being danced. It is realizing that you are something other that who you thought you were. You thought you were center but now you experience yourself as satellite. You thought you were the dancer and now you experience yourself as danced.  -Anthony de Mello

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The demand of the perfect is often the greatest enemy of the good. To live is to be slowly born.


How Great Thou Art w/ daughter 10 years ago.  Having fun. 


Earl Klugh Live on BET!


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