Time: 19th century. Place: Southern USA.  Decision:  Bible is inerrant.  

Time: 19th century. Place: Rome.  Decision:  Pope is infallible.  

And who is excluded?  Christ, the Holy Spirit.   (We seem to prefer our preferences, our concepts)

“And the Word became flesh.”  The truth (divine) became human (physical).  

The bible is the Word of God?  Who says?  Pride, men.  

And the Pope is infallible?  Who says?  Pride, men.

“Forgive them for they do not know what they’re doing.  It is finished.” (Who says?)

The One Who is excluded.  The One Who includes is routinely excluded. 

(Who says?)  30,000 denominations don’t want to know or either, do not care, Catholics included.  Who’d have thought it?  Calvin?  

Whoever we exclude we actually ‘think’ won’t be in heaven both here and now AND then and later, I’m afraid 30,000 denominations truly think will be banished.  Why?  Dualistic divisional ‘thinking.’  “Thou shalt be dead right!”  No such commandment. 

Grace AND truth?  Christ who is Before Space and Time = Christ is not Jesus’s last name

Law of Moses?  Southern 🇺🇸 and about 70 percent of the world particularly after the godawful reformation

“And if you love only those who love you and lend to only those who only lend back to you, how are you any different from the ‘sinners?” -Jesus

Who is included in Jesus’s question?  Every one

Who is excluded in Jesus’s question.  No one

“I Am the way, the truth and the Life, No One comes to the Father Except by Me.” 

And who does Christ make exceptions for?

Both And.  Everyone

That’s supposed to be New news unless you’re still caught up in imagining the horrid worst about the Good News.  Let’s face it.  Most of the people you know, probably do but they’ll likely avoid mentioning it.  Easier to believe than be transformed and that’s no one’s fault.  We were told what to look at but not HOW to SEE.  Rather, when to label but not how to forgive our programming. 

Truth absent grace is not truth.  It’s hostility.  Twist this and continue to spend your life futilely separating the weeds from the wheat rather than leaving that decision to the One Who is inclusive whether you, at this point and in all honesty, hate Him or Her or not.  Gagging on gnats yet swallowing camels.  

Few find the narrow road to life.  Many traverse the popularly religious highway to sheer hell here and now.  The paradox?  You’ll never SEE it until you include the missing One.  And where is He and She?  (Genesis 1:26)  Closer than the dualistic mind patterns of this world want to know or either, do not care.  Why not care?  Well, we ‘think’ we’ve been given the final conclusion by parochially unaccepting and highly disingenuous people of the clegy-like cloth.  But, to be fair, when we’re most unconsciously unaware and out of touch, we suffer from a sort of halitosis.  Just as when a person with unendurably horrid halitosis at a party wonders why everyone is seemingly avoiding them like a sulphuric rotting egg.  

It’s heaven the way to heaven and it’s hell all the way to hell.  UNTIL you SEE It!

“Am I going to heaven?”  

What wants to know?  Self-interested selfish self-preservation.  

“But if the kernel of wheat dies, it will produce much love.” –Jesus

Very very few find life because it requires entirely too much democracy and inclusion.  

And now Perfect Love’s secret of love isn’t a secret anymore. 

Spread truth AND grace, not merely disguised yet highly egoistic gospel under divisional and very temporal guises.  

Oh, the paradox and the simplicity.

And in the instance that someone ‘thinks’ I’m condoning sin AND inclusivity, that’s your plank to pull.  How is including the outcast a freaking sin?  That’s the whole point of Christ coming as “Jesus” before time began.  It is in the John’s prologue, Colossians 1:14-18.  Christ isn’t a brand name or even a religion.  And it certainly isn’t conservative America nor does God ONLY shine His Grace on Thee.  Who is Thee?  Wake up!  I grew up blonde hair and blue eyed in Louisville in the early 70s.  This divisional shit is freaking old.  

Start with




never No.  

“For God so loved the World….”

I know, I know…. Billy Graham overplayed inclusivity.  Rumour has it, there is One in Three that is continually overplaying this Present Reality regardless of what we ‘think’ we know.  Who knows?  

Podcast about HELL!  LOL!  It’s Not Horrid 🙂

Love sees through what hate looks at. -Brian Jett

Get over yourself!!