Freedom 2 Be Now Podcasts (Click Hear)

Please enjoy this day.  It is what it is.  Just BE.

Here and NOW is awesome.  Oh, and those jumping bean repetitively useless thoughts your having?  Be aware of them, drop them, be aware of the next one, drop it, so on.  Don’t overthink it or talk about it.  Here comes another one about whether this will work or not.  Drop it.  

I have a fish in my fish tank full of water that’s thirsty.  Hold on, it woke up to realty again.  It’s o longer under that illusion and now you’re not either.  

And, drop it.  

You know with your head and heart that right now is all you have.  You resist it because your head has short-circuited your heart’s experience of joy in present moment wonderment.  

“I know that.  I knew that before you said it!”

Of course you did.