“Faith is that breakthrough into that deep realm of the soul which accepts paradox with humility.”

You could be become a co-member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Muslims, and you would not be any less confused than you are by this fiasco that has confused everyone so as to humble those who admit that they don’t trust anyone but the Spirit of Truth.  It’s so simple that we are determined to make it complicated.  Why?  Forestalling.  We were taught this with all kinds of heady theories by senseless theologians.  When a person gets a degree, we presume they understand God.  I deign to say that the more we know, the less we actually understand. Jesus had no problems reaching the disabled, disenfranchised, lowly, stupid, pagans (only means rural people, not heretics), prostitutes, etc.  Why?  Because they weren’t in any danger of finding their lives so satisfactory that they could not turn to truth and grace.  The self-righteously rigid who wanted to keep status quo and quid pro quo meritocracy in place for pay were those types.  But, they’ll have the grace enough from One Love so it’s all good but if John Calvin knew this, he’d shut up and be glad he’s in heaven.    When given a formula to follow, you’ll follow the formula and resist the uncertainty of faith that Jesus spoke of as well as the Holy Spirit.  We love pat answers and because most of us think hell is the certainty.  Heaven is a distant hope.  Nonsense. A journey without distance to a goal that’s been met.

Image of God as given to you by parents becomes how you learn to operate UNTIL the truth is revealed.

If God had created you or me or the Muslims or the prigs or the prostitutes just to send us all to hell, He wouldn’t have created us.  Think about that.  If that was His predetermining intent, He would be both Love and Evil; God and Satan and this is dualism.  Either or is unworkable.  Why is hell so popular?  Well, we have much more faith in hell than heaven if you are honest with yourself.  You can’t be more loving than God but I doubt seriously that you would send anyone to eternal punishment forever.  If you knew me or Steve were being tortured by God (sounds silly) while you were in the bliss of heaven, you cannot tell me that you wouldn’t storm the thrown of grace and plead with God to bring us to salvation.  You would do this daily but of course there are no days.  Just one eternal moment which is NOW.  If upon death we are no longer protected by Love to either say yes or no to Jesus than that means there is no Love after death regardless of how well behaved anyone was. And even that is past tense and rejects the eternal unfolding of potential of all people.  It wasn’t about behavior!  We aren’t domesticated Parrots parroting shopworn platitudes to get in to heaven.  Are are we?   If you are I behave properly but from threat then this is not love at all.  It cannot be obligatory.  The parable of the two sons who the father asked to work in the vineyards is proof of this. The first son said NO but later went.  The second son said YES but never left the house.  But why did the first son obey his father in spite of his initial refusal?  Because this son observed his dad’s love and unconditional love in not creating havoc over words.  Mere words.  Tell people what they want to hear and then do what you want because you cannot see that the father’s directive was given NOT for the purposes of obedience but for a mystically insightful purpose so as to teach us a truth.  He loved and LOVES both sons regardless of their answer or their decision.  Who’s decision is it to love no matter what?  At first glance, this parable SEEMS to speak of obedience and doing God’s will.  But our wills don’t trump God’s goodness. 

You see, at first grace, this is what fundamentalist literally look for because they have been taught what to look for, not how to SEE.  Eyesight without insight (subtle perception and awareness of eternal truth which cannot change) is like wearing a wig without a head.  Truth is ALWAYS paradoxical.  Literalize it and it becomes a lie.  It is so clear we miss it.  God wants sincerity and questions and then for us to depend on the Paraclete or Holy Spirit who is called, DEFENSE ATTORNEY.  The problem with 30,000 schisms and Roman Catholicism as it IS now, is that all of this division has created divisional exclusion, no love, violence and hell here now.    We seem to think that we have more free will than God’s will that is determined to make us free.  He has eternity to do this and He WILL.  NOW or later but even those words are senseless because we are NOT in time.  That’s the illusion.  God will make a good decision because He is good, not because we are good. 


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