When you cling you destroy- Anthony de Mello


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I suspect we get “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” from this peculiar need to hold two opposing polarizing points together and even make sense out of the heads or the tails being, in reality “Both And” inseparable parts of the same penny. In fact, there are no parts of a penny. A penny is what a penny is. That idiom just triggered a reoccurring epiphany I had and I sense strongly that it’s true. This being Jesus’s question to His disciples, “If love only those who love you and you only lend to those whom you are quite certain will repay you, how are you all any different than those labeled sinners?” The answer is as obvious now as it surely was then. There is absolutely no difference between the two peoples as both are One people and differentiations by way of wordplay that’s merely hubristic wishful thinking is merely a simpleton’s craving for inner circle exclusion and a dreadfully babyish desire to superficially feel, think and actually believe Perfectly infinite Love might ever divide its universal creation as salvageable or throw away vermin based on easily parroted beliefs that are worthlessly empty professions that ask nothing of anyone whose only reason to mouth this belief jargon is wholly based on self-interested self-preservation requiring no Metanoia or renewing of one’s mental societal and religious programming. Absent renewing the mind by weeding the mental soil from loveless historic labelling and categorical religiously dull dismissal of anyone who looks, talks, believes, or has other cultural experiences differing naturally from your learned bigoted parochial myopia — quite frankly will create tribalism. Who in His or Her eternally loving Creator’s name would die knowing his or her death would necessarily act only to create more divisional schisms and increase the world’s violence just to placate the fearful few as signed, sealed and already heaven-bound selfish sluggards?