Religion as Spanky and The Little Rascals

What has never occurred to me regarding granddad telling me to stop showing off as a child was this being my first remembrance of experiencing a double bind dilemma. Kind of young to have begun such psychological suffrage. Seems I got an early start on most things that were typically a dreadful consternation for supposedly mature adults. Especially those nearing death bed confessionals. The good old bad double bind. And I should add — the blind spot some unknown percentage of America’s population has pensively, offensively and fearfully used to defend senselessly absurd belief systems that forestall the very applicably possible and presumably observable essentials — such as mercy, forgiveness, love of enemies, doing good to those who hate you, understanding, patience, turning the other cheek, nonviolence, nonresistance, compassion, giving to whoever asks without questioning the asker, and unconditional love — in favour of betraying the very Perfect Love that remarkably remains incapable of penetrating such parochial rigid beliefs. And the question I know most all of the religious were actually discouraged to ask involved why we think we know what we say we know and therefore believe what we say we believe if the unquestioned aim for belonging to the group is simply to save one’s ephemeral life’s consciousness from swiftly arriving at annihilation? Little wonder why pining over past pictures is cheap belief’s only nostalgic hope. Maybe when we don’t give a tinker’s damn about whether we are hell bound or heaven worthy will we find liberation from the fear of saving our lives and in so doing, losing our lives, find our true self who can relax for a second without fearing a split second of joy must be Satanic. There’s only so much driving and performing with one’s brakes on that can occur before these 44,000 belief systems by these separatist religions begins to repulse anyone who is sick of the “little me” making the evacuation plan to heaven. Something just occurred to me and it makes sense. Too much sense. How can 44,000 Christian denominations who each, believing each schism’s denominationally chosen “Adherence To Intellectually Unquestionable And Uncritically Inerrant Biblically Legalistic Singular Interpretation Promissory Notation For Rule of Rank And File Entrance Into Eternally Highbrow Dogmatic Theological Exclusivities For Heavenly Security Non-Breach Assurance Self-Preservationist Agreement” plan is the only correct parsing of wordplay and thusly solemn way to attain God’s nod of approval contingent upon God’s thorough critique of said accuracy of belief’s systematically chosen doctrine as a commensurately equipotential Letter of God’s Law? Any denominational evacuation plan slightly or massively differing as opportunely cherrypicked and boardroom officiated as doctrines of beliefs, not ensuring that each denomination’s elected or selected members believe these hair splitting distinctions must wilfully and eagerly necessitate the abject rejection of all but the few multiple choice winners accepted for inclusion into the Monarchist Meritocracy Men’s Club.

What a joke! Unbelievable. This cannot be labeled as Christian by any stretch of a child’s imagination.

I wouldn’t want to be part of the number of these prigs who selfishly go marching in. That would be hell. Well, all get in and that is my sincere hope. It’s just comical. Not making fun of it all. No, I am. Sorry, not really.

I suspect we get “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” from this peculiar need to hold two opposing polarizing points together and even make sense out of the heads or the tails being, in reality “Both And” inseparable parts of the same penny. In fact, there are no parts of a penny. A penny is what a penny is. That idiom just triggered a reoccurring epiphany I had and I sense strongly that it’s true. This being Jesus’s question to His disciples, “If you love only those who love you and you only lend to those whom you are quite certain will repay you, how are you all any different than those labeled sinners?” The answer is as obvious now as it surely was then. There is absolutely no difference between the two peoples as both are One people and differentiations by way of wordplay that’s merely hubristic wishful thinking is merely a simpleton’s craving for inner circle exclusion. And, as embarrassingly and humiliatingly disorienting that it has historically been and will now necessarily be for the collectively hoodwinked and individually concocted false self to admit that its true self (the face we all had before we were born) fell for its false self’s fear of being unacceptably and comparatively unwanted. And I intentionally use unwanted rather than unneeded for a reason that might shock the false self but never the true self. Several decades ago in India, the radio transistor began to become the quite cheap HF radio wave component that made receiving information from abroad a highly popular novelty among those who could purchase them. As the price of transistors continued to decrease, this wanted novelty item for some soon became a necessitated want for all of India’s population who would eventually hear about the wanted HF radio component. As you might have already guessed, all was relatively and relationally well before these transistors were knowable within India’s rich history of having produced some of the world’s most enlightened gurus and spiritual teachers in the world. India’s Eastern ‘Third Eye’ non-dual teaching continues to be sought from all corners of the earth for its timeless wisdom and relief from the false self. The transistors haven’t destroyed India’s population, but like all peoples regardless of place or space or time, these transistors did act to disturb needed silence as well as wanted peace of mind. Wanted noise is the world’s deadliest distraction and if you don’t believe me, bear in mind I’m neither asking nor needing you to believe anything more than what you know as experientially true within you. Reality is the shape of God and God is the shape of reality. An inner experience of truth requires no beliefs. There’s no belief in reality.  Reality doesn’t need beliefs.   Reality is just the way things are.  You don’t have to believe in the way things are for them to be the way things are.   You have to believe things are not the way they are in order to perceive things other than they actually are.  Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.  There is only one reality.  Any final distinction between natural and supernatural or sacred and profane is a bogus one. Jesus didn’t say, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.” This verse is in the only mystical gospel of the four — namely the gospel of John. And it is precisely brands and names that are never mere power points capable of trumping only truth. Christ wasn’t and isn’t Jesus’s last name. Jesus can be and has been made into a tribal religion. “Christ is before all things and by Christ all things are held together.” (Colossians 1:17) To say Jesus ‘The Christ’ is to acknowledge what Jesus became. Jesus came 2,000 years ago. Christ was, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word (Christ) was with God and the Word (Christ) was God (Christ).” It is the very function of truth to ensure people will eventually cease missing the point. Sin isn’t morality amiss. The actual and literal meaning of sin is, “To miss the point.”

Jesus’s rather terse remark of, “A blind man leading a blind man results in two men winding up in a hole. Stop this interminably forestalling game of wanting to be dead right by senselessly debating. Killing time and talent. You’re spending senselessly futile amounts of mental and emotional capital straining diminutive gnats out of your water while creating needless noise and histrionic melodramatic chaos by swallowing elephants! Take the golden boxing gloves off there, Rocky and Bullwinkle! The two of you are determined to keep swinging after the bell! Give it break and come up for oxygen! I know you’d rather read a law book than listen to what I’m telling you as the unconditional love and eternal now that indeed I Am that you keep saying you want. (John 5:39-42) Let Me save you time here and now and sooner now than the now later because I will save and have already saved you from your false self. I left you with the Holy Spirit and I repeatedly stated this and yet you remain fervently determined to use the Law of Moses as some absolutely ubiquitous encyclopaedia Brittanica! Do you really imagine that what you read that I was reported to have said was written down on parchment paper before My birth? C’mon! Wake up and stay awake! Stop thinking ‘Either Or’ because when you read, “And the Word became flesh,” still IS especially NOW an enormously obvious reality pointing to divinity AND humanity not in opposition to one another. Why do think I oppose everything? Why would My Father AND your Father have created humanity, then said, ‘And it was good,’ six times, provided plurality in Genesis 1:26 by saying, ‘Let US make humankind in OUR likeness,’ told Adam or any of His children not to eat of one specific tree in the garden knowing full well that if He hadn’t even mentioned not eating the cookie in the cookie jar (so to say) that you wouldn’t have had your interests piqued? Moreover, do you really believe that this God you mouth about being good would have, after telling you the very singular thing that would kill AHis kids inasmuch as you are His children, would then nonchalantly meander off knowing that He had created a serpent (knowing the nature of man) capable of juking you and then blaming you because of His lolly gagging? Did you not read where God says in Genesis 3:23, ‘The man will know good AND evil like US?’ And to beat all, do you really imagine that God, the good loving God, would create enmity between, ‘And God created man in His image, both man and woman,” His one creation who differ only in gender but not in value? Do you really want the truth or do you just want to be mad at who and what you’ve been spoon fed?”

For over a thousand years (c. AD 400–1530), the Vulgate was the definitive edition of the most influential text in Western European society. Indeed, for most Western Christians, it was the only version of the Bible ever encountered. The Vulgate’s influence throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance into the Early Modern Period is even greater than that of the King James Version in English; for Christians during these times the phraseology and wording of the Vulgate permeated all areas of the culture. What was the problem with Jerome’s Bible? It was heavily influenced by Latin hell-inventing theologians like Tertullian and Augustine. Many of the words used in the Vulgate, such as eternal, redemption, justification, sanctification, sacrament, perdition, punish, torment, damnation, etc., were coined by Tertullian and his contemporaries and came to be associated with concepts foreign to the original Greek. The Latin Church’s emphasis on fear-based dualism was reserved for three great Carthaginians, Tertullian, Cyprian, and Augustine, so to influence the Latin Church it deflected and declined into a system of dogmatic hierarchy and spiritual despotism. But Tertullian was the individual who set this current in motion. This, then, is the man in the hollow of whose hands lay the clay which was to be molded into concrete Latin dogma. This is the man in whose hands reclined the fate of the word eternal. Augustine, who later outdid Tertullian and his doctrines, maintained that the whole human race was “one damned batch and mass of perdition” (conspersis damnata, massa perditionis), out of which a few are elected to salvation, while all the remainder are lost for ever. He beheld evil as a force integral in a universe apart from God, while Origen believed that all is out from God, even evil, which God must undo and banish. One who has no place for eons to come must look on the future as a shoreless eternity. Having failed to grasp what God had revealed concerning the eons, Tertullian had no alternative but to impart to the Latin word eternal that sense which it now bears. *Since no such concept or expression of eternity was ever included in Scripture by the original writers, periods of time called eons or ages are crucial in understanding God’s plan for mankind. When you realize that the hell doctrine was so late in being adopted by the Church and Scriptures, not to mention the introduction of a host of other vague “churchy” words and concepts, the poorly constructed walls of orthodoxy begin to crumble. It was several hundred years after Jesus and the apostles that men began formulating many new Church doctrines and creeds, many still a part of Evangelical Christian orthodoxy to this day. Had our old English Bibles been translated directly out of the Greek instead of Latin, it’s very probable that the doctrine of eternal torment would never have found its way into our modern Bibles and theology at all. Many of these doctrines were strong-armed into the Church through major dissention and even bloodshed, with intolerant, oppressive Church leaders insisting that they were “led by the Spirit” on such matters. In a sense, how is the Church adopting such major theological shifts so many years after Christ any different than, say, the Mormons or the Jehovah’s Witnesses adopting their objectionable doctrines in more recent times? As the centuries went by, the Bible was translated and retranslated into Latin (mainly from Greek), and more than twelve centuries later translated into English (from Greek and Hebrew) with the advent of the original King James in the 1600s. It’s not hard to see how morphing Church beliefs and language changes influenced each Bible version that came along. In his book, The Bible in English: its history and influence, David Daniell notes that when King James gave the translators instructions for working on his King James Authorized Version in 1604 (a seven-year project), he intended to make sure that the new version would “conform to the ecclesiology and reflect the episcopal structure of the Church of England and its belief in an ordained clergy.” (SAY WHAT?) Since then, it has undergone over 400 more years of translator interventions and theological interpretations. When you think of how many people, opinions, doctrines, misunderstandings, language barriers, as well as political and THEOLOGICAL agendas may have worked into the mix in 2,000 years, it’s hard to believe (and shouldn’t be believed) that the Bible has maintained inerrancy or complete adhesion to the original intent. This is the total disregard for internal authority and witness that Christ gave ALL people known as the Holy Spirit. A mind based and money manipulated theological society made the gospel appear superstitious. Why? Fear is known by superstition and will kill and exclude anyone who threatens its SELF-preservation. Very few have been willing to step out of the HOLY bible blind spot because they desired the avoidance of hell more than the “finding of life” within all people — especially themselves.