One Last Word

Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.  To fear death because of the illusion that one is nearing the only life that he or she both trusts and distrusts as the infinitely yet finite ultimate reality demands the death of one’s illusion, not the universally and inseparably one infinite truth knowable within reality — here now. As one female mystic, Joan or Norwich, penned:

One knows oneself in God and one knows God in oneself.

The word ‘mystic’ has for whatever reasons taken on an often pejorative meaning. And I’ll readily admit that the word ‘Christianity’ has slowly become a word that I strongly dislike using insofar as the reason the word currently seems possess any meaning feels highly exclusive and even exclusionary. To truly consider its meaning, one will sorrowfully discover, at first, one of its possible 44,000 denominational reasons for tilting towards salvation by proper belief system rather than a self-evident truth, reality. The word mystic approximately means to have come to an experiential belief that spiritual apprehension of truths go beyond merely an intellectual consent. Jesus’s prayer thanking His Father and our Father for revealing truths to mere babies while, by way of the truth’s simplicity, allowing those who pridefully self-identify themselves as wise and intelligent to remain temporarily stumped has a meaning. It’s been my painfully experienced experiences that ALL people don’t merely know more than they realise but are born to come into realisations that go beyond anything that is only intellectually knowable. Recognition of truth for the first time. Even the word ‘mystic’ is synonymous with supernatural and yet this word is remarkably hated by those who say they believe in a supernatural God who must necessarily create from His or Her supernatural divinity. Therefore, God is only capable (as far as our wordplay debating goes) of creating His or Her creations because of God’s supernatural nature.

The bottom line or top line or even when reading between the lines is that nothing I say and nothing you say can separate anyone who’s anywhere at any time from the eternally loving life Source (trinitarian Creator by any humanly debatable other nameable word, constituting every conceivable word ever heard or ever hearable) that is impossible to talk oneself out of or away from infinitely— speaking. Why speak another WORD? “

“In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with God and the WORD was God.”

I suppose so we’d stop believing in a bunch of word(s).

Truth is a single word. Life is single word. Infinite is a single word. Love is a single word. Forgiven is a single word. (Finished) is a single word. WORD is a single WORD.

“Wherever TWO or THREE are gathered, there I (ONE) will BE also.” (Almost unbelievable)!

Silence is a single word and is meaning-filled (and fillably impossible to ever fill in this lifetime) ONCE it’s finally surrendered to by the self. Now. There ya go.