The Tao of Chinese wisdom — Nearly identical to eight beatitudes

What choice have I to love and hate?

Is the doing of both a grave mistake?

I was taught by fine preaching men

To hate the sinner more than the sin

These men go down as men of God

As Saints die perfect by clergy’s nod

Oh how I wish I was ordained to speak

To pardon both scribes and Pharisees

But such men with their greedy lying pens

They killed the Christ, the theologians

And set in place, all religion that drives

The imperial religion Christ crucified

‘Tis easier to fool, silly beliefs divide

The 44,000 denomination’s pride

To miss the point of loving unity

Of petty scruples, cheap scrutiny

And one day soon, these sects will fall

But exceptions made by Christ is for all

Will shed light on schisms bound up in book

The Christ reveals Truth, to ALL who look

-by BG Jett