Earl Klugh Live in Concert — Courtesy Earl Klugh

Earl Klugh in concert in 2001.   BET. AND: Arturo Sandoval - Trumpet and Accent performing A Cappella Vocals!  Just Gorgeous!


Like to a Love

Oh my yes! I was your age too, you know?” replied the old woman with a smile on her face. “Well yes! I know you were my age once but I wonder if things have changed since you were my age,” the girl asked with embarrassing inflection.

Charles Barkley diagnosed with short-term fatally fleeting deadly superficial narcolepsy. Incapacity to spell ‘disingenuous’ and other basic words

Charles Barkley diagnosed with a fatal and deadly form of temporal narcolepsy. Barkley has been unable to talk smoothly and his ability to spell has fallen off terribly. What’s worse to fans of the show is the cast seems to enjoy making fun of Barkley’s terminally fatal issues.