Inseparably Infinite Love – Come Up For Air


Infinite love being infinite love is eternally free to free humanity from its embarrassingly absurd illusion of having ever been capable of excluding a single life with millions of humanity’s finite conclusions. The lesser of two evils merely affords humanity the choice to choose evil — as if and as though there has ever been or there currently are arbitrarily immeasurable degrees of evil coterminously existent with infinitely immeasurable levels of love. Finite conclusions? As if there could be more than one humanly finite conclusion with infinite ill-intentions designed to end the cosmological show.

I didn’t like the way the universe was playing itself out and so I did what any dualistic dullard would have eventually done — I assassinated the fat lady before she got on stage with her rendition of the universally unknown swan song! See, see? I fixed everything! Right?”

Might as well tie a kite string to a flame. What possibly could have been concluded and by whom? Indeed! It is the humiliating height of what is becoming even humanly incomprehensible lunacy. Infinite love is truth. Infinite evil isn’t anything but low level consciousness on life support. It demands self-banishment. It can’t demand a thing. It cannot be, become, breathe, do or exist. The lesser of two evils is an infinitely Perfect trinitarian third-eye whose infinite patience suspends dualistically oppositional judgement.

But if you throw out Hell, everyone will just do whatever they want!”

Wrong, Humpty Dumpty! Someone get this eggshell of fearful fragility off the fence! There are already 44,000 denominational inner circles begging to be shattered because of 44,000 exclusively illusionary systems of belief!

“Off the fence, Desperado!  Please come off the fence, Gilbert O’Sulliva!” (Alone again, Naturally)  Gilbert had one hellish year!  

An egg sitting atop another egg would neither warm the other egg nor reasonably be capable of perching itself atop whichever egg initiated this ridiculous attempt. A Humpty Dumpty scenario would be required but eggs don’t hatch arms and spindly legs first and leave the remaining torso and facial orbit inside the damnable egg. How did one or both eggs get here or there – however this absurd fiasco might impossibly play out? But the question doesn’t ask that two cold eggshells be aware of one another’s existence. But neither has this question yet queried what possible life, if any, within these eggshells might be perfectly aware regarding the infinitely true nature of what human beings identify themselves finitely to be (or have never been). Largely, a series of superficial roles, labels and categorical claims they learned to accept as themselves yet alongside something akin to an eggshell that’s retained the label ‘eggshell’ as stamped onto it. What is an IT? The true chicken’s self knew itself before birth and will recognize the truth of who he or she still is again for the first time. It’s obvious (or it seems obvious) that we didn’t know any better than to stamp what we were taught we couldn’t understand with mere labels that we understood less because of the labels. Nothing bad or wrong or evil with label guns. Both the fervently religious and the fervently irreligious (two sides of One coin) have used them with pinpoint inaccuracy. But there’s a limit to understanding infinite reality by using an all OR nothing, Either Or, final stamp absent any infinite ink. Who need ink once the roll call has included even, “the least of these.”

But if I lose my name, rank and social security number, I’ll have no earthly idea about who I am! Who’ll possibly recognize me? Or worse yet! Who’ll see that I was good enough to make the cut for inclusion into heaven? Hell! If that’s what I get to look forward to, then I’ll stay in purgatory and haunt libraries, family members and even hound foes to see if they’re reading about me or thinking about me!”

Well, if less is more than nothing becomes everything.  Question?

How has your need to be needed and your demand to be noticed worked in providing you any peace of mind whatsoever? Whatever you hand over now will perhaps be given back to you — the true self that won’t still seek finite fame as well as be stunned by finite shame. Hero to a Zero in a nanosecond. Don’t worry. You’ll know what you knew before you constructed the caricature. Love and peace and Inseparability from both because they’re two sides of an inseparable coin. You won’t be better than or less than but you will BE Free. You can be free now. How? By being now. You’ve never not been now.

Words. Words have something of quicksand about them. Only experience is the rope thrown to us when words humiliatingly reveal what only surrendering to silence in the quicksand will.

Whoever you are, whenever you’re are willing. But your willingness isn’t required. Cooperation is nice but isn’t necessary to awaken one life to its having always been loved by One love who couldn’t and wouldn’t force you to choose between the lesser of two evils.

Trinity! How to see through what before we only thought to look at. It’s not a religious term. It’s not even difficult to understand. If you think it must be, drop that silly thought.

The lesser of two evils is an infinitely Perfect trinitarian third-eye whose infinite patience suspends dualistically oppositional judgement. This infinite patience even waits for this evil to spell itself in reverse. Evil backwards becomes Live right here and right now.

There’s Someone is within who you truly ARE that already knew this before you left your mother’s womb.  Who’d thunk it?  Who created It?  DING DING DING! 

And relax and listen and really HEAR the meaning of one Word.

That’s who you ARE…
And yes!

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