Happy Songs

In my Heart by Anita Baker

Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie

Doc by Earl Klugh

Falling in Love by Brian Jett

Look To The Sky by Brian Jett

Be happy when you want to be. There’s two sides to every story AND The Singular storyline will ever cease whilst anyone deliberates dualistically who’s wrong AND who’s right. Imagine the lesser of two evils Being the literally Perfect Loving Third.  Ternary, trinitarian.

(1) Spirit (2) IS (3) Truth — within the two’s company AND here AND Now a unitively, collectively and inclusively crowd AND yet there is no crowd. Never has been AND never will be. More space AND time than All within One and the One within All knows how to handle. AND perhaps the answer is without handles AND there’s nothing more to pick up AND increasingly less to happily drop AND lay down. AND none IS left for hatred to hate.

Science AND non duality.  Three eyes 👀