Hell No! God didn’t create Hell, Dante did

Danger of dividing and conquering and complicating the love for all

We like conditions.  We like evenhandedness.  We like Quid Pro Quo.  Tit for Tat.  We like that.  We have problems with beggars holding up signs.  We have problems with entitlement.  We have problems with kids who start acting like killers and we deny the condition especially if we cannot or will not see the Christ in the kid and most of all, we have never dared to change in such a way to see and acknowledge the dignity within our programmed selves.  That is the evil.  Yes, the criminal did the unthinkable.  Yes, the Christ did the unbelievable and perhaps that’s what ticks us off the most.  

Too much democracy.  Too much amnesty.  How could He?  Perfect love casts out all fear but to bloody hell with a love that is unconditional.  To hell with a love that sees Himself in the criminal because He does more than what we do.  Rather than look at, He sees through.  But we don’t see through anything.  We don’t want to look inside the cup especially when we’re told it’s our cup in spite of how cruddy it gets.  We trust our own lies. Honest lies.  

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Acapella Tunes! Accent, Sam Robson, LaVance Colley

Some sweet harmonies similar to Take 6 but with newer tunes including RnB tunes you’ve heard before but never like this.  Enjoy!

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A Song For You (Full Album) The Carpenters

Carpenters -Close to You (Full Album)

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Breeze Reveals The Leaf -BGJ

From my bed I thought to think

And stared anxiously at a single leaf

“Your thoughts aren’t yours or fussing.”

Did this thought stem from the tree?

“Yes,” from silence beyond the mind

“I am,” said the wind blown leaf

“From the Vine is born the branch…

And Everything from One dying seed.”

“Are you the poet or the poem?

The musician or melody?

The author, the paper and the ink?

Can one leaf create the breeze?”

In silence my mind was overcome

And all labels lost identity 

Perception freed from separateness 

Because the breeze reveals the leaf. 

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Three hardest things humans can do ARE?

Ask 82 percent of the roughly 7 billion individuals over 16 years old who are presently alive today what are the things most imperatively important and what will they say? Take as long as you need to consciously consider for yourself what their responses would likely be. Not asking that you peel away the superficial unless you are among the exceedingly few yet increasing number of people who are awakening from often decades of perceptual narcolepsy.

They answer that what matters most is success through hard work or hard study. In particular, success through physical feats to include singing, playing a musical instrument or an area of athletic prowess. And the second being success through academic and scholastic accomplishments. Superior achievement involving brains or physical giftedness and prowess.

However, these modern answers are not surprisingly considered relatively easy and simple because they require almost no capacity involving what distinguishes human consciousness (not intelligence) from mental memorisation or muscular conditioning and memory. In fact, these require almost no perceptual acuity or socio-sentient ternary consciousness.

Get ready as this may be disappointing at first glance notwithstanding you still are operating with what is termed a reptilian brain.

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