Adyashanti – The Suspension of ALL Conclusions (Infinite Conclusions? Absurd) Infinite love being infinite love is eternally free to free humanity from its embarrassingly absurd illusion of having ever been capable of excluding a single life (soul) with the billions of humanity’s finite conclusions. The lesser of two evils merely affords humanity the choice to choose evil — as if there has ever been … Continue reading Adyashanti – The Suspension of ALL Conclusions (Infinite Conclusions? Absurd)


If to read Tertillian, Origen, Augustine, Plato and more recently, Martin Luther, you will see the same horridly insulting fierceness. More on Marin Luther later. The religious authority figurines who, condescending opportunely to the commoner crowds as intrinsically stupid, incapable of thinking for themselves. And following 313 years post-resurrection, who do these same people begin to coddle after they’ve crucified Jesus? Now, they want you to venerate Jesus as religion by worshipping church leaders and even, refuse to drop the law as Jesus did by going from 10 commandments to two.

Beyond The Sea

Steps Beach, Puntas, Rincon, PR -- December 22, 2016