Words Couldn’t Say – MP3s Downloads and Streaming

Wonderfully U

Falling In Love

Chance to Dance

St James Court

Ladies Lullaby

My Brother & Me

Gear Up & Gone

With the Flow feat. Doug Griffin

What A Friend We Have in Jesus (Soul Instrumental)

Our Day will Come

Look to the Sky

Lake Shore Drive

Just Foolin Round

Carole’s Song

Olivia’s Love

Muskrat Move (Slower version)

Word Couldn’t Say

(All songs performed by Brian Jett)

Unlimited streaming and MP3 downloads

All of my music. Five bucks is reasonable. I’ll have a new CD coming out by mid September 2018. I’ve got to get the PayPal account active again.


Never Die Young -James Taylor

Wishful Thinking – Earl Klugh (Full Album)

Heart String – Earl Klugh

Our Day will Come – Brian Jett

Overjoyed – Benny Tankard

An adjective to sound good and conjunctions mend the seams.

A blind man asked me to describe the color green. I said I couldn’t. He asked if it was soft or smooth, tall or long, wide or narrow. I said none of these exactly because you’re trying to grasp this idea of green from your limited experience. I finally said, “Okay, I’ll tell you what the color green is like. It’s like soft music.” Days went by and he received his eyesight back. I asked him if he’d yet to see the color green. He said, “No!” And you know why? Because he’s looking for soft music.